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“India Taylor is a talented poet with fine musical skills. Her songwriting is Beatlesque in its complexity. I highly recommend her songwriting skills that can be sampled on either her albums or website. A fantastic, trained voice and she knows her way around a guitar.” Jack Heiss, Orlando, FL

Celebrate Your Well Being CD or Digital Download:

Strengthen your inner peace and personal freedom with India Taylor’s profound, empowering lyrics and music.  This album includes favorites like Sanctuary, Rainmaker, and more.

Celebrate Your Well Being by India Taylor - CD or Download

“One!” – a CD single, available as a Digital Download only:

“One!” is like a refreshing cup of green tea –organic and earthy — with harp, world drumming, lush vocal harmonies,
and a message that affirms our connection with each other, the animals, and our amazing planet.

“Mosaic” CD or Digital Download:

Have you ever felt like Cat Woman, kissed a frog prince (or frog princess), or followed your inner “gypsy’s heart?” India Taylor’s humorous, passionate jazzy rock/blues album “Mosaic” will delight your imagination.

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